Bokora Wildlife Reserve

Bokoro Wildlife Reserve also known as the Bokora corridor which stretches to attach to another scenic Matheniko wildlife reserve. Bokora reserve located in northern Uganda, occupying the land a northern sub-group of the Bokora part of the Karamajong tribe.

The Bokora wildlife reserve was established in 1964 to ensure freedom of movement for the game during migration between the Matheniko plains and Pian-Upe Game Reserve. As many reserves, this was originally part of Central and South Karamoja which was reserved as controlled hunting areas.

Bokora wildlife reserve is among the largest protected areas in Uganda, it subscribes to both the Matheniko in the Northeastern and Pian-Upe wildlife reserve in the southern forming the well scattered Karamoja semi-arid wildlife conservation region. The reserve is seated on an area covering 794 square miles.

Geographical Location of Bokora Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is located in northeastern Uganda between Moroto and Mount Elgon, seated between Matheniko Game Reserve and Pian-Upe Game Reserve, along the south-western boundary of the Karamoja region. 2”07′-2”45’N, 33°50′-34°50’E. Altitude 1,000-2, 100m Area 205,600ha; contiguous to Pian-Upe Game Reserve (228,710ha) and Matheniko Game Reserve (158,650ha). Flanked on remaining sides by four Controlled Hunting Areas totaling over 2,000,000 ha, which are contiguous to four other Controlled Hunting Areas and Kidepo Valley National Park (134,400ha).

Biodiversity of Bokora Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is home to semi-arid harden biodiversity, there is quite a number animal species among which include variety of antelopes includes eland, Uganda kob, reedbuck, mountain reedbuck, topi, Jackson hartebeest, and oribi. Other mammals are spotted hyena, leopard, Rothschild giraffes, and zebras

Among the bird species one can sight here include; Ostriches, the African Hill Babbler, and the Alpine Chat, the Black-throated Wattle-eye, Dusky Turtle Doves, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeons, Grey Cuckoo-Shrike, the Hartlaub’s Turaco, Jackson’s Hornbills, the Lemon Dove, the Thick-billed Honey guide and the White-headed Buffalo-weaver. Most of these species live in only semi-arid areas and are difficult to spot in other parts of Uganda. The best place to spot birds is at the Loporokocho swamp.


Bokora Wildlife Reserve is located in the dry zone of the country consists of mostly dry plains with Mount Kadam and Mount Napaka which are very prominent here. The vegetation is characterized of the mainly savanna grasslands, shrubs, short trees and bush. Bokora Wildlife Reserve has incredible scenery and wildlife but the poor road conditions within the reserve make it hard to access during the rainy season.

What to do at Bokora Wildlife Reserve

Game drive: Being a savannah reserve, it’s a perfect place to watch the number of wildlife species that are seen in the reserve. Though due to poor roads, there are no clear tracks to use when driving, a game drive can feet to better explore the reserve.

Birding is another standing adventure to undertake at Bokora wildlife reserve.

Cultural tours, the karamoja region presents one of the outstanding indigenous people. Visiting their communities is a chance of exploring the special behind these group of people. The architectural system of karamojong building is very interesting visiting the Manyatta.