KABWOYA WILDLIFE RESERVE: The reserve was established by Uganda Game Department by early 1960s, when the department wanted exert extra control over sport hunting then declared and gazetted some as Controlled Hunting Areas where sport hunting could only be done with special license. Later due to poaching and encroachment activities, the area was wiped out and became a cattle raring grounds.

Again was gazetted in 2002 as a wildlife reserve, but it remained among the hide natural treasures to the interests of the public. The reserve is located in western Uganda in Hoima district between Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale National Park.

The Kabwoya wildlife reserve is seated on a total area of 194 sq. km and comprises the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve area (87 sq. km) and the adjacent Kaiso-Tonya Community Wildlife Area area (107 sq. km). The reserve is confined east on the foot of the Albertine Rift escarpment, and extends west to shoreline of Lake Albert, the north boarding river Lwamagongo River, and Warwire River on the south.

The reserve is widely characterized by the savannah plains which extends to the shores of Lake Albert suggesting a magnificent view of Lake Albert and blue mountain of DRC.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) which has worked earnestly to ensure that the reserve remain intact with ecological varieties by introduction and translocation of several animals to the reserve.

Access to Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Kabwoya reserve is located in Western Uganda in Hoima district surrounded by 3 sub-counties of Kabwoya, Kyangwali, and Buseruka. It’s situated in a distance of 240km west of Kampala capital, from Kampala the Kabwoya Reserve can be accessed using the Hoima road via Kiboga Gusunju road which is about 4hours drive.

Animals found in Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Animal census has been carried at the reserve and a number of animals, birds and insect have been found making the reserve is another wildlife paradise including Buffalos, several primate species including Baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and vevert are the commonly seen primates, antelopes including Uganda Kobs, Impalas, Jackson’s heartbeats, waterbucks, bushbucks, bush duikers and hippos in Lake Albert, bush pigs, warthogs,  The reserve is a birders haven housing over 400 bird species in the open breath taking scenery.

Flora of Kabwoya wildlife reserve

The vegetation primarily comprises Hyparrhenia and Themeda grassland interspersed with patches of the undifferentiated dry thicket with Grewia spp and Acacia brevispica (Langdale-Brown 1964). Along the Hohwa River are stretches of riverine forest.

Activities to do at Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

  • Guided nature walks
  • Birding
  • Fishing on Lake Albert
  • Guided hiking and nature walks
  • Quad biking
  • Fossil hunting
  • Mountain biking