Karuma wildlife reserve

Karuma wildlife reserve is a portion on the greater Murchison Falls protected areas, it’s located in western Uganda in Kiryandongo district. The reserve was named after the famous and dangerous magnificent roaring Karuma falls of the Victoria Nile River seated at a lower elevation of 902m above sea level. These splendid breathtaking Karuma falls are situated is proximity to the Murchison falls northwards.

The combination of Murchison Falls National Park, Budonog forest, Bugungu wildlife reserve, Kaniyo Pabidi forest and the Karuma wildlife reserve forms the greater Murchison Falls Conservation Areas which the largest and the oldest protected area in Uganda. East of the reserve is the new power project of Karuma Hydro Power Dam, and a newly built Karuma city that brightens the night and it’s a quite a nice place to spend an hour.

Locally it’s believed locally that the historical legend spirit contrived the rocks on which the waterfalls are found and this spirit was known as Karuma. It was gazetted in 1964 and covers an area of 820 kilometers squared, a larger space of the reserve has been settled in by over 7,000 refugees in Kiryadongo and the reserve is facing a great challenge of local encroachment. It was formed to act as a buffer zone for Murchison falls national park and other surrounding areas.

The magnificent Karuma wildlife reserve is posed along the northern route heading to northern Uganda. It’s characterized by two vegetation features of tropics which much located along the streams of Victoria Nile and savannah vegetation.

Wildlife species in Karuma Wildlife Reserve

The reserve harbors a great number of wildlife species among which the Baboons are commonly watched along the Karuma town, other primate species including red tailed monkeys, vervet monkey, L’Hoest monkeys, and blue monkeys. Animals such as Buffalos, elephants, hippopotamus, giraffes, water bucks, bush duikers, hyenas, warthogs, Ugandan Kobs, Oribis, Topis and on some occasions the leopards and lions can encountered.

As well birds makes a great consideration of Karuma wildlife reserve which bird species among which can include Kingfishers, swamp fly catcher, yellow throated leaf love, grey cheeked crane, sun birds and many others.

A combination of the Murchison falls and Karuma rewards with greater view of these related steamy roars of the two powerful falls. Visitors opting for a trek to Karuma wildlife reserve can make their safari more memorable by encountering wildlife at Murchison falls national park for higher value of wildlife view.

Where to stay at Karuma wildlife reserve

For any traveler visiting Karuma Reserve can have their nights at one of the hotels built within Karuma town just below the Karuma hydro plant. However, being a stretcher of Murchison Falls National Park one can have a night at one of the lodges that are spread with the park. And these lodges are available for budget, mid-range and luxury among which include Red Chili Rest Camp, Bwana Tembo Safari Camp, Boone Women’s Camp, Paara Safari Lodge, Chobe Safari Lodge, Shoebill Campsite, Karuma Falls Campsite etc.

How to reach Karuma Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is found along Kampala –Gulu highway in Kiryandongo, it’s spread about 236km away from Kampala capital and by roads can be accessed within 4hours drive northwards. From Gulu it’s about an hour drive covering a distance of 70km and from Masindi town its 110km about 1 and half hour of driving