Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s 3rd smallest National Park, and one park situated in the proximity of Kampala city. At Lake Mubro Park, possibly one can do a one day safari and return for a night in Kampala as it’s only situated in a distance of 240km about 3hrs drive from the capital.

It’s always a fresh paramount or last adventurous stopover on a western Uganda safari. The chain of lakes, the plain savannahs of acacia woods, and swampy vegetation, rocky outcrop ranges and a banquet of wildlife forms this unique feature of Lake Mburo National Park. Amazing gigantic eland antelope, impalas and hundreds of zebras, decorates the game views of this tiny savannah palms.

This tiny savannah displays a particular distinct biota not found elsewhere in other parks in the country of which including the Impalas, elands and klipspringer. Lake Mburo lakes, rolling scenery and swamps is the real African scenery compared to meet the Tanzania savannah.

Across the country this has always been a best spot predators, especially leopards and on a special night game drive their higher chances of spotting a leopard actively hunting. The chain of lakes joined by continuing savannah is rich in flora and fauna with about 69 mammal species including the big three lion, leopard and buffalos, others mammals including hippopotamus, crocodiles, antelope species, zebras and giraffes which were introduced from Murchison falls among other wildlife species of birds and plants can be spotted.

Lake Mburo National Park is located lightly on the highway that connects the western region to Kampala capital. It’s located in western Uganda region in Kiruhura district in Nyabushozi County. Simply it’s connecting via the Masaka – Mbarara road. The park can be accessed by either by road or by air flying to Mbarara and drive to the park.

By road driving from Kampala it’s roughly 4hours drive from Kampala covering a distance of 240km from Kampala city. And as well the park can be accessed by a plane flying from Entebbe or Kajjansi airstrip to Mbarara airstrip which can be about 45minutes and take a beautifully scenic drive of roughly one hour.

Things to do at Lake Mburo National park

Wildlife game drive

The southern wing has proved to host quit a number of wildlife species which can majorly be encountered on a game drive. With a lead of well-informed park rangers can guide through the best profiting tracks to abundant spots. The park hosts over 68 mammal species, with specials which can only be located here including eland, impala, klipspringers and brochette zebras among other sighting.

A game is an opening for birding opportunities, bird enthusiasts have a therapy of plenty of bird species to focus the binoculars with over 300 bird species. On a request, a night game drive rewards greatly with spots of leopards actively hunting, spotting of other wildlife species like genet, bush pig, mongooses and hyenas.

Wild Boat launch

The main Lake Mburo has provided basis for another greater wildlife view and majorly aquatic life encounters within the park including crocodiles, hippos, monitor lizards, and great number of wildlife which can be sighted along the shores of the lake lousily relaxed or feeding all makes a colorful goat ride. The ride as well is accompanied by a number of both land and water bird species which can be sighted and counted. Several water bird species are spotted during the boat ride including the African fish eagle, cormorants, egrets, blue headed weavers, pelicans, pied kingfishers among many sighting. The memorable boat launch here last for 1½ hours of exploring nature on a breath taking boat ride.

Bird watching

Bird lovers have an obligation on several adventures which can be a walking tour, horse riding, game drive, boat ride, and quad biking to ensure tracking as many bird species as they can. Rubaga forest is branded a perfect to head for birding aspects through the acacias, fig trees, markhamia among others that nest several bird species. Warukiri and mikiri swamps also are perfect birding termini within the park where shoebill also can be spotted. The viewing platform of Miriti and Rubaga forest are excellent for birders opportunities.

Over 325 bird species are recorded in Lake Mburo including white winged tit, Bare-faced Go-away bird, White-headed Barbet, Red faced barbet,  Red-shouldered cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Cisticola, Brown parrot, Grey crowned crane, Rufous-bellied Heron, Bateleur, and black bellied bastard, night heron, malachite and pied kingfisher and African fish eagle and so many other bird species.

Nature walks

The park is blessed with splendid nature walking leads which divert to a nature fantasy of great wildlife encounters. The nature walking safaris are perfect in the cool day hours of morning and evening hours presentable for watching the hyena and the pedestrian destination that overlook a salt lick. For travelers fantasized to walking unique birds can head to the Rubanga forest canopy trail finding several bird species. Nature walk is the coolest rarely done activity for spotting out wildlife at Lake Mburo national park on foot, park ranger guides can tells you which footprint or dung belong to which animal, then have chance of walking close to spot the suspect.

Wild Sport fishing

For travelers who would wish for more fans at the park, can take on sports fishing at Mazinga section free from crocodile and safe for the activity. At Lake Mburo, on a sports fishing the catch can be taken to the lodge and prepared for a bit.

Tilapia is the main catch however there six fish species at Lake Mburo, for the activity in Lake Mburo here tourists are required to travel with their fishing equipment and authorization from Uganda wildlife authority which manages the park and every activity in the park.

Horse Riding Safari

Lake Mburo is the only park in the country where one has the chance for an open wildlife safari riding on horses. It’s a fantastic silent way to explore nature without engines, horse riding is a noble way to see wildlife and traverse through the lakes around. The horseback riding safari activity in a special way is a private arrangements by the Mihingo safari lodge and is tailor made to suite tourists’ interests of price and duration.

The horse riding adventures can be done be arranged for either a night or day undertaking and the adventure can last for a period of 3hours, the night horse riding safaris can be arranged which are accompanied with the wildness camping and meals.